People do not listen because most only speak about or state things like gossiping, negativity, complaints, excuses, exaggeration, and declaring their opinions as fact. However, if you have a message with depth that you want to spread, we have the tool for you and it comes in one four letter word — HAIL. HAIL stands for honesty, authenticity, integrity, and love.

          Honesty means simply being true to yourself and others. Authenticity represents being oneself. Integrity, in essence is, sticking to your word and not changing your mind. Love pushes one to speak in a manner that genuinely focuses on the wellbeing of others. If these four things are carried with your statements, people will listen to you more.

           Our voice is our tool box, and in our toolbox we have tools like, register.Your Register is changing the tone of your voice to express what you feeling when giving an information. For example, we tend to vote for the politician who speaks low, it shows firmness and power. We also have a tool known as repetitive, which is making everything sound like a question. This is not a great tool due to the fact that people become very confused and it makes a speaker sound unconfident. The next tool is prosody, a meta-language. An example of prosody would be speaking in one tone (monotonic), it makes whatever information you are relaying sound boring. Pitch is another tool. This tool is used by everyone, pitch is speaking in high and low tones. This is not to be confused with volume, which differentiates when someone speaks loudly or quietly. Speaking quietly makes people put more effort into paying attention to whatever you say.

All of this knowledge relates to you as a person and as a business owner. Learning about speech will influence people’s interest in what you have to offer and allows people to more about the business, company, or organization you are managing. Whether you are speaking to a client or an angel investor, you need to learn how to make others listen. It will come in handy wherever you go.

Watch this interesting TED Talk to learn more about rhetoric and how it can enable you to grab the attention of your audience: 

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