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 EqualSpace (=SPACE) and Fownders are excited to launch their first collaboration Pitch Now, held on December 14, 2015 at 6:00pm. This event is the beginning of a new relationship between both companies which are focused on the success of New Jersey-based entrepreneurs. =SPACE and Fownders together, hope to set a precedent for other businesses to collaborate and create a progressive environment to push the agenda of strengthening the startup, as well as increase the opportunity for more black and brown businesses to obtain funding.

Pitch Now is a great opportunity for both investors and startups to connect with each other. The competition gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their businesses known in front of investors who seek to support early stage startups. However, unlike most pitch competitions, entrepreneurs are given immediate feedback, which allows them to gain more insight on how to better present their ideas from an elite group of investors. In addition, newpreneurs are welcome to attend to learn firsthand the process of pitching. This learn and apply method is necessary for entrepreneurs to gain the knowledge they need to effectively launch their businesses.

Pitch Now fills a much needed gap in the Newark tech/entrepreneur ecosystem. We needed a series that addresses and showcases our startup community in a way that provides them with exposure and coaching from season professionals in the industry,” said Medina, Co-founder of =SPACE.

Pitch Now will be held at =SPACE’s new headquarters, 2 Gateway Center, with light refreshments beginning at 5:45pm.

RSVP here for the event http://bit.ly/2eZaYpM.

Microsoft’s New Arena Feature

Here is a question for any hardcore gamers and maybe even some casual games looking for a great experience. Have you ever wanted to show some of your skills at a tournament or event but you just see no way in doing so? Well Microsoft is here to shine some light over your dreams with this new feature coming to The Xbox One and Windows PCs. Players will soon be able to participate or even create custom tournaments. This new feature is said to be compatible with some released games. Taking a look at some screen previews of the new feature, it seems like you can choose the start time of the tournament, the type of game mode, and it is confirmed that there will be tournament styles which the types of tournaments are unknown as of now. This seems like a great move for Microsoft, since Sony has been partnered with majority of the host for gaming tournaments.


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Press Secretary: Marjorie Fields-Harris
Women’s Safety Hackathon will give nationwide entrants three months to submit a prototype for a technology that makes women in safer in Newark – winner will get $15,000 to build prototype and $35,000 to maintain system for one year
Newark, NJ – November 9, 2016 – Mayor Ras J. Baraka announced today that he will launch the Women’s Safety Hackathon, a #HackNWK competition, to create a technology that makes Newark safer for women, at a press conference tomorrow, Thursday, November 10, at 1:30 p.m., in the City Hall Press Room. City Hall is located at 920 Broad Street. Essex County and Newark law enforcement dignitaries will attend the press conference.
The Women’s Safety Hackathon will give entrants three months to create a technology that will improve safety for women in Newark. Submissions will be collected through the internet with a formal show-and-tell scheduled for February 2017 at the Tech Academy. The winning entrant will receive $15,000 to build out their prototype for deployment on June 1, 2017, and then $35,000 to maintain the system for one year. The competition is open to entrants nationwide.
“Using technology to improve the lives of residents is what Newark 3.0 is all about,” said Mayor Baraka. “I am excited to see what kinds of solutions great minds can come up with.”
The Hackathon is being conducted in conjunction with the Department of Health and Community Wellness and the Department of Public Safety. The local tech community will be invited to the event for a conversation with the Mayor.
“The tech community is always innovating, here we are asking the techies to innovate for social good,” said Newark Chief Information Officer Seth Wainer.
Four “use cases” for the technology will be presented at the announcement tomorrow:
·         Safety on the Street – Women are often in danger simply by being present on the street. Bystander intervention and other proven methods could be applied through technology to help reduce street crime aimed at women.
·         Domestic Violence – Inside homes and families, women are at risk for violence from those closest to them. Incidents are often repeated and sometimes known to neighbors.
·         Teen Dating – Women and teenage girls are susceptible to violence while dating. With better awareness and training, technology could leverage the teen community in Newark to address this.
·         Evidence Collection – Many incidents of violence against women are not prosecuted successfully because of the lack of evidence that can be used in a court. Technology can be leveraged to improve evidence collection and prosecution rates.
For more information on the City of Newark, please visit our website
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5 Reasons You Should Become A Space(r)*

1) Unlimited Coffee: It is the bane of your existence and your muse. Whether you are starting out your day or pulling an “all-nighter” to finish a client project. =SPACE will always have a Cup a Joe waiting for you!

2) Fiber Optics: No one loves high speed internet like a entrepreneur with a deadline. =SPACE has the fastest internet than any other sharespace on the East Coast. If that does not bring you to your knees, we have more coming your way.

3) Homely Space: =SPACE is dedicated to being your home away from home. We want you find your serene place, whether it is on the couch in the Huddle Space, at a desk in The Great Room, or sitting at the bar.

4) Amazing Co-space(r)s: Everyone know that beauty is not everything. While =SPACE is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, we have so much more to offer. You have the ability to connect with other entrepreneurs who are as highly motivated as you. When you come to =SPACE prepare for some amazing conversation with top notch individuals.

5) You: We focus on the idea of intellectual diversity and love to see more minds being added to the mix. =SPACE believes that every person brings a different aspect or light. Why not add yourself to the melting pot?

So, are you ready to take your space?


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