Join us for an exhilarating day at our vibrant coworking space, where creativity knows no bounds and collaboration thrives. Experience the freedom to work from our inspiring environment, designed to fuel your passion and amplify your productivity. Best of all, it’s all on us for the day!

But the excitement doesn’t end there! As the sun sets, we’ll transition into an electrifying mixer, where you can unwind, network, and celebrate a day well spent. Expect laughter, connections, and unforgettable moments as we come together to toast to the power of community.

Don’t miss out on OpenSPACE – where every moment is an opportunity to thrive, create, and connect. See you there! 🎉🌟

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A premium sharespace created with multicultural business owners in mind, =SPACE provides resources for startups, coaching for tech companies, and access to minority business owners. We believe that access + resources = SPACE & Opportunities.