Your Going to Want to Remember This Name: The Workhorse Truck

Steve Burns has a big vision: he wants all of our mail and packages to be delivered by electric trucks with drone capabilities. As co-founder and CEO of Workhorse Group Inc., he’s well on the road to bringing his vision to life, and because of the FAA’s current “line of sight” requirement for using drones, his company could be the first actually delivering packages by air. Read More.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is Not Perfect…Yet

Just off the top, the Surface Pro 4 has some serious compromises — horse power, ports, and the ability to really use it on your lap come to mind. But in exchange you get a light, fast, high-performance touchscreen device for getting things done. Read More Here.

“Bed Time Mode” on phones will lead to more sleep

Some reports believe handsets shouldn’t get all the blame for our poor sleep schedules, but we’ve known for some time that those glowing displays aren’t helping. The best solution would be to turn devices off before going to bed, but leading sleep experts are also calling for device makers to include an automatic “bedtime mode” to help us drift off easier at night. Interested? Click here to read more.

Reach Your ZEN

School of Life founder Alain de Botton, who has written beautifully about such enduring ideas as the role of art in human happiness and what Nietzsche teaches us about the character-building role of difficulty. De Botton’s fantastic recent conversation with Tim Ferriss pointed me to this equally fantastic video essay examining the question of higher consciousness. Read more