Calixtech News Podcast (Episode 3)

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Check out episode 3 of Calixtech News Podcast with, technology founder of mobile dating site Cheekd, Lori Cheek and Calixtech News founder, Reginald Calixte!!

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The Business & You

Since the founding of successful businesses such as Google, Apple, and Ford Industries, people have wondered how to create their own business closely related to their success. There are plenty of self-help programs and business plans to help one gain their own business, but that seems to be the extent of knowledge ever offered to a person. While it is important to note how to start up one’s own business, knowing how to maintain it is more important. The ability to maintain a company falls to the creator of said company/business. A company is only as strong as its’ foundation, with that being said some elaboration is due. The simple fact is, no business plan or inspirational seminar seems to ask one career-breaking question; looking through the eyes of a consumer, would I buy my own product?

If you are able to honestly answer that question with a firm yes, then you are halfway to success. A person must be willing to admit their faults and say with certainty if they are proud of their product. Starting a company is difficult, yet looks easy especially with online start-up and “self-startup” programs advertised almost daily. With all this in mind, it is important to remember all of the business plans or online assistants in the world will not matter until one is ready to ask, would I run a good business & am I ready to climb up the mountain of pain and struggle?

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CULTURE SPACE presents Comic Books X Conversations

July 15th, 2017
2:00pm – 4:00pm 

How to Reconcile Diversity In Comic Books for Creators and Fans

Character diversity in comics books is a long-standing and overdue issue. However, it’s how many of the publishing companies have gone about creating and developing them that’s causing such controversy and backlash.

There’s a hand full of characters or color, gender, and sexual orientation is shown a  limited capacity for decades in mainstream comics. Publishers are navigating new territory by finally adding characters that are representative of today’s society. Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t seem to be catching on. Several Indie books have shown great strides in this area and the big name publishers can take a cue from them. So how can comic book companies manage diversity and representation in their characters and make it effective for readers and sales?

Our discussion will cover:

  • Legacy vs New: The common pitfalls of inclusion in comic book narratives
  • How comic book publishers can learn from certain missteps
  • Reinforce positive representation for creators and fans and how important is it for the future of comic books


Style Cocktails

July 13th, 2017
5:00pm – 7pm 

Issac Mizrahi once stated “I don’t like people to feel completely described by the clothes they wear of mine. I want them to feel that they’re describing themselves.” What you wear is the first thing that people see and we want you to dress to impress. Come and learn from Lynette Lashawn, Co-founder of Off The Hanger, and other of Off The Hanger, and other fashion forward experts, how to make the best dressed list whether you are at work or a night on the town.

Dress like your best self!



Ted & Talk

June 22nd , 2017
5:30pm – 7pm 

Everyone loves TED Talks, they are inspiring and thought-provoking. We all have been that person who watches one TED Talk to uplift your spirits and end up elbow deep within the next two hours captivated by the revolutionary thoughts of creative geniuses. =SPACE is giving you the opportunity to delve elbow deep in riveting stories and talks with others who share similar interests. Come enjoy some great TED Talks and great discussions!

We would love to crack open a cold one and delve into intellectual conversations with you!


Calixtech News with our Founder Medina

CTN Podcast Episode 1 – Featuring Citi Medina Founder of Equal Space & Jhamar Youngblood Founder of Blast Chat.
Discussing Diversity in Tech, The City of Newark, And Education

June Calendar

We are committed to connecting with the community on a deeper level and building bridges for others to cross. That is the mission of this calendar, to remind everyone of the beauties and opportunities that Newark offers. Enjoy EqualSpace Monthly, give us your time and we will give you the latest and greatest in Newark SPACE(r)!

New SPACE For You

We couldn’t be happier to let you all know that we have opened a new SPACE that will show all of the hard working SPACE(r)s to the entire Newark Community, we here at = SPACE have long held the belief that citizens and the youth within our city need to see the hustle, energy, and innovation that goes on every day at our sharespace along with the programming and spirit we have after hours.