Virtual Competitions

Lots of gamers out there may know about Esports games like Call Of Duty, Halo, and Overwatch. One thing they have in common is, they aren’t in virtual reality. What if virtual reality was implemented into an event where people can compete against each other for some sort of prize? There is hope for that dream so look no further. Video game publisher CCP Games have announced their new release called Sparc.

CCP Games look to provide people the entertainment of virtual reality and the thrill of a competition, through is Vsport which is what they called it. The objective is the games is to throw projectiles at your opponent while they do the same to you and both players have to block whatever comes to them. Sparc’s expected release will be some time this year in 2017 for the Vive VR system.

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A Tiny Printed Home

The field of 3d printing is pretty outstanding. In Russia, a small home was made by a 3d printer in 24 hours thanks to Apis Cor, which is a San Francisco based startup. Other needs like installations took only took a small portion of time. This is house isn’t the like your ordinary home. Apart from it being 3d printed, it is actually quite smaller than most homes.

This compact home measures up to 400 square feet and the cost to actually make it results in around $10,000. Surprisingly, the 3d printed structure was not the majority of the cost. A chunk of the money went towards the doors and windows as stated by Apis Cor. This isn’t the only thing we will see from Apis Cor. Apparently, they will plan on making houses of all shapes and sizes in the future.

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The TED & Talk

Everyone loves TED Talks, they are inspiring and thought-provoking. We all have been that person who watches one TED Talk to uplift your spirits and end up elbow deep within the next two hours captivated by the revolutionary thoughts of creative geniuses. =SPACE is giving you the opportunity to delve elbow deep in riveting stories and talks with others who share similar interests. Come enjoy some great TED Talks and great discussions!

We would love to crack open a cold one and delve into intellectual conversations with you!