Diversity: Turning the Conversation Into Application



Inclusion and diversity: conversation topics among communities of color which are exhausting; yet, necessary. It is no secret POCs are consistently excluded from seats at the table. Although “splashes of color” are visible in various industries it does not outweigh the ocean of exclusion. The imbalance keeps the discussion open-ended, the disparities real.

When does the diversity and inclusion conversation hit a resolve topic without the requirement of POCs to change their names, omit their addresses, or manipulate their personal brand? Is it possible for the Black and Brown communities to be assessed by merit and experience? In what ways can companies work towards a strong representation of gender, race, and sexuality?  

In a recent article by Business Insider, media Executive, Joanna Cole shared the steps she took as Editor-in-Chief for Cosmopolitan and now Chief content officer at Hearst, all voices are included. First, Cole hired Tiffany Reid to assist with hiring and recruitment. Cole offer this insight on the topic: 

“…you want to have men involved in initiatives to recruit women and foster leadership among female colleagues in the same way you want white employees involved in initiatives about racial diversity. Otherwise, you’re siloing groups and not actually accomplishing what you should be trying to achieve — a workplace where diversity allows the company to both function and serve its customers more effectively.”

More than ever, inclusion is important. Black and Brown faces in Tech, Finance, Media, and more recently sharedspaces, cafes, and dispensaries are reshaping the narrative. Although strides are made, how can communities of color be more proactive instead of reactive?  The learn and apply method is necessary to carve our space in every industry. Seats at the table are necessary, but it’s quite clear while many of us need to be at the table, the rest of us need to create our own.

Let’s not make diversity and inclusion so linear.

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Ready To Start Your Podcast?

Are you ready to start a podcast? There a few things you need to think about before making any moves:

The potential of podcasting

More than 39 million or 15 percent of Americans had listened to a podcast in 2014, up from 12 percent in 2013, according to Edison Research.

The realities of podcast production

Podcasting on the surface seems pretty straightforward. Record audio, upload it to iTunes and you’re on your way. However, the reality of producing a podcast is that there are more steps than people realize.

As Chris Cerrone, co-host of The Cerrone Show, explains, “People totally underestimate the time it takes to do a consistent podcast. I didn’t have a detailed plan going into my launch for things like editing and promoting the episodes, and having that foresight would have made my life a whole lot easier.”

Bring something new to the market

The reason shows like Serial capture the imagination is that they are new and innovative. So when figuring out what your podcast could cover, you want to ensure that you’re not just knocking off what’s already out there.

If you would like to read more about the pros and cons of developing a podcast, read more of this article. If you believe you are ready to start your podcast, feel free to read this article to gather the tools you need to make it successful. If you are looking for a venue space for your podcast, =SPACE does host live podcasts.

Why You Should Become A Traveling Entrepreneur

Many people become entrepreneurs to pursue freedom. Freedom to create their schedules based on when they want to work, in work ethic, in strategy, and at times, in location. There are a variety of careers that lucrative and easy to do from home. But, what if your home could be anywhere with a strong wifi connection and a bed. The possibilities are endless! Working as a content creator, web designer, creative strategist, accountant, digital marketer and public relations expert, travel expert, consultant, life coach, or tech support assistant allows you to make a profit without having to stay in an office building. Careers like these are commonly sought out by those who enjoy traveling and expanding their knowledge of the world.

Why work for a big corporation with the normal and old-aged hierarchy of power when you can make your own decisions, be your own boss, and still enjoy a nice sunset in Jamaica? As a traveling entrepreneur, you can take your business from San Diego, California to Seoul, South Korea. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the world’s economy. In a recent survey by Financial Times, 59% of entrepreneurs around the world said they expected to increase their workforce in 2016. Entrepreneurship is the engine for economic growth! So, I bet you’re asking now, why should you become a traveling entrepreneur?  Well, because you can.

You can live a comfortable life and be your own boss. So, take that idea that you have and go for it. Do you enjoy blogging & food? Become a ghostwriter for food bloggers. Book a trip to France, home to some of the best restaurants in the world. You can do anything you put your mind to because your talent can take you farther. Take the next step, your FUTURE awaits!