Inclusion and diversity: conversation topics among communities of color which are exhausting; yet, necessary. It is no secret POCs are consistently excluded from seats at the table. Although “splashes of color” are visible in various industries it does not outweigh the ocean of exclusion. The imbalance keeps the discussion open-ended, the disparities real.

When does the diversity and inclusion conversation hit a resolve topic without the requirement of POCs to change their names, omit their addresses, or manipulate their personal brand? Is it possible for the Black and Brown communities to be assessed by merit and experience? In what ways can companies work towards a strong representation of gender, race, and sexuality?  

In a recent article by Business Insider, media Executive, Joanna Cole shared the steps she took as Editor-in-Chief for Cosmopolitan and now Chief content officer at Hearst, all voices are included. First, Cole hired Tiffany Reid to assist with hiring and recruitment. Cole offer this insight on the topic: 

“…you want to have men involved in initiatives to recruit women and foster leadership among female colleagues in the same way you want white employees involved in initiatives about racial diversity. Otherwise, you’re siloing groups and not actually accomplishing what you should be trying to achieve — a workplace where diversity allows the company to both function and serve its customers more effectively.”

More than ever, inclusion is important. Black and Brown faces in Tech, Finance, Media, and more recently sharedspaces, cafes, and dispensaries are reshaping the narrative. Although strides are made, how can communities of color be more proactive instead of reactive?  The learn and apply method is necessary to carve our space in every industry. Seats at the table are necessary, but it’s quite clear while many of us need to be at the table, the rest of us need to create our own.

Let’s not make diversity and inclusion so linear.

To read more on the Joanna Cole article, click here.

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