Why must innovation really be the answer to almost everything? The answer to that my friends, is, there will always be a time where some things have to change. Innovation can be viewed as the key for business incubators.

You might ask, “ why must things change in the business industry?”. Honestly, the answers can vary. It can be the business’s choice due to a desire for a new look or the business isn’t working out the way it’s founders planned so.

In these moments, our light bulb turns on and we push to innovate. This is where all the potential game changers are shared around the room and productivity fills the air. From there is only two outcomes; either the “game changing innovation” is a success or it’s just not enough and the cycle of change continues until one “hits the sweet spot”.

Incubator help guide entrepreneurs during these tough moments. At times, the battle are too strong for one opponent. You have to call in back-up and fix the problem by putting multiple minds to use. As the old saying goes, “Three heads are better than one.”

Take your space with =SPACE, here.

Art Credit: Deviant Art user: Iris Ko (Vggal)

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