Since the founding of successful businesses such as Google, Apple, and Ford Industries, people have wondered how to create their own business closely related to their success. There are plenty of self-help programs and business plans to help one gain their own business, but that seems to be the extent of knowledge ever offered to a person. While it is important to note how to start up one’s own business, knowing how to maintain it is more important. The ability to maintain a company falls to the creator of said company/business. A company is only as strong as its’ foundation, with that being said some elaboration is due. The simple fact is, no business plan or inspirational seminar seems to ask one career-breaking question; looking through the eyes of a consumer, would I buy my own product?

If you are able to honestly answer that question with a firm yes, then you are halfway to success. A person must be willing to admit their faults and say with certainty if they are proud of their product. Starting a company is difficult, yet looks easy especially with online start-up and “self-startup” programs advertised almost daily. With all this in mind, it is important to remember all of the business plans or online assistants in the world will not matter until one is ready to ask, would I run a good business & am I ready to climb up the mountain of pain and struggle?

(If you are ready to climb that mountain, click here).

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