March 8th , 2015

12:30pm – 5:30pm


Bringing women of diverse backgrounds and stellar talents together,  Women-In-novation event is the sum total of many organizations belief that when you bring truly remarkable individuals together support, solutions and possibilities are endless. A day of conversation, activities and panels the theme is to share women’s professional journeys and innovation in today’s workplace the result will be to build a better future for all women tomorrow. 

 “I think that while education and support for youth programs are extremely important, they don’t have to be the only project women work on. In fact, learning how to make money on a profitable business model, becoming a successful tech entrepreneur and then funding education and youth programs is another way to have a big impact on those areas and it empowers women to hold the purse strings.

Fun fact: Women entrepreneurs are 18% less likely to get funding from VCs, but according to research done by Emory University, are ~5% more likely to report a profit. Time to change that from 18% less likely, to 50% more likely – what do ya say?” 

Attend Women-In-novation March 8th 2015

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