Reach Your ZEN

School of Life founder Alain de Botton, who has written beautifully about such enduring ideas as the role of art in human happiness and what Nietzsche teaches us about the character-building role of difficulty. De Botton’s fantastic recent conversation with Tim Ferriss pointed me to this equally fantastic video essay examining the question of higher consciousness. Read more

Google Proves Size Matters … in Advertising

So you put the Mariott Marquis Hotel, a digital video board the size of a football field and you have Google as the first to utilize the biggest digital billboard in Times Square. Google always wins.




Photo by Carlo Allegri/Reuters)




Photo by Carlo Allegri/Reuters)


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It is unfair that GE wins in this Ad. They used Jeff Goldblum!

Of all the ways GE intended to get you interested in Smart Lightbulbs ( Yes even our bulbs are now smart) did any of you anticipate them using a shirtless Jeff Goldblum? I mean the unmitigated gall to parade him shirtless in a quest to gain your favor and buying power. Well it worked. Check this video out!