$74.2 million in grants were given out to over 20000 small businesses for COVID Relief. Grant readiness is the difference between a paycheck and having to make hard decisions about cutting staff and/or paying your commercial space, as a business owner.

And we are going to teach you how to be a star grant recipient. We have partnered with LISC to provide you with key information teaching you how to be prepared for the next COVID, Hurricane Irma, Sandy or major natural disaster — at 0 Cost to you!

The world is changing and your business needs to change with it to survive.

Climate disasters—combined with the lingering economic stress of the pandemic—present immediate challenges to the survival of small businesses and the outlook for long-term recovery and growth.

With the generous support of Wells Fargo Foundation, LISC has developed a Small Business Resiliency Network of disaster planning coaches to ensure that businesses are prepared for disasters and have adaptation strategies in place.

Our organization will provide one-on-one training in disaster preparedness, recovery and resiliency to those businesses interested in learning how their business can better prepare and respond more efficiently and quickly after a disaster to reopen operations. 

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