Shout out to Brenda Lloyd of Mireku Studios, an LSM participant, for the title!

Everyone at =SPACE and LSM Newark are still riding the high of an excellent weekend filled with awe inspiring ideas and hard work from all the participants. We send an enormous congratulations to April Peters, the lead coordinator, and co-coordinators Emily Manz and Melissa Jackson.


Participants hard at work turning ideas into action!

So awesome to see =SPACE filled from wall-to-wall with so much talent!

Get your game face on. Time to impress the judges!

Presentation Judges!

Meet the judges: Eric Hampton, Chike Uzoka, Citi Medina and Mario Casabona

Runner Up: Bosom Buddies Cookies

Great work from our the Runner-Up: Bosom Buddies Cookies

Judges and LSM Coordinators with Winners

April Peters, Melissa Jackson and the judges with LSM Newark winners, Park Here!

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