Just when you thought drones that delivered packages were enough, well now a drone can deliver you. From the creators of the drone comes a super sized drone that can take you anyway you want to go. The drone isn’t any bigger than a small car, this small vessel will take you up to the speed of 62 mph. It can reach heights such as 11,000 feet. This device comes with air conditioning, 4G data connection, storage space, and a multicolored reading light. The device can only travel for 10 miles, but that doesn’t mean you wont blow people’s minds away as they shout “It’s a plane, it’s a blimp, it’s Superman; NO, IT’S A DRONE WITH A DUDE/TTE INSIDE!”

The future is officially here, and it’s kinda scary. Scary in the cool way though. To read more on this advance technology click here.

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