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Mark Cuban Passes and Shark Tank makes history












2.5 Million in Six seasons that is the big number that invested in his business ZipZWine, a product that allow and fully preserved single servings of Wine, this was a moment in Shark Tank history except Mark Cuban said he was out on the name alone, a valuable lesson in truly looking at your brand and naming convention it can be an asset or to your startups detriment.

2015 Will be a busy year.

The National Association for Business Economics said Monday it expects the overall economy, as measured by the gross domestic product, to expand by 3.1 percent next year. That would be the strongest GDP growth since 2005 when the economy grew 3.3 percent. Via INC 

Google Proves Size Matters … in Advertising

So you put the Mariott Marquis Hotel, a digital video board the size of a football field and you have Google as the first to utilize the biggest digital billboard in Times Square. Google always wins.




Photo by Carlo Allegri/Reuters)




Photo by Carlo Allegri/Reuters)


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TED: Alessandra Orofino, It’s Our City, Let’s Fix It.

The words of Alessandra Orofino echo our mission, the reason we exist in Newark, created by Newarkers as a statement that we should build the spaces, the platforms and create the solutions. Her mixture of tech and human connections resound with us here at = SPACE and her examples of how they did this in Rio is powerful, take a view.


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