Why Rhetoric Is Important To Every Entrepreneur

People do not listen because most only speak about or state things like gossiping, negativity, complaints, excuses, exaggeration, and declaring their opinions as fact. However, if you have a message with depth that you want to spread, we have the tool for you and it comes in one four letter word — HAIL. HAIL stands for honesty, authenticity, integrity, and love.

          Honesty means simply being true to yourself and others. Authenticity represents being oneself. Integrity, in essence is, sticking to your word and not changing your mind. Love pushes one to speak in a manner that genuinely focuses on the wellbeing of others. If these four things are carried with your statements, people will listen to you more.

           Our voice is our tool box, and in our toolbox we have tools like, register.Your Register is changing the tone of your voice to express what you feeling when giving an information. For example, we tend to vote for the politician who speaks low, it shows firmness and power. We also have a tool known as repetitive, which is making everything sound like a question. This is not a great tool due to the fact that people become very confused and it makes a speaker sound unconfident. The next tool is prosody, a meta-language. An example of prosody would be speaking in one tone (monotonic), it makes whatever information you are relaying sound boring. Pitch is another tool. This tool is used by everyone, pitch is speaking in high and low tones. This is not to be confused with volume, which differentiates when someone speaks loudly or quietly. Speaking quietly makes people put more effort into paying attention to whatever you say.

All of this knowledge relates to you as a person and as a business owner. Learning about speech will influence people’s interest in what you have to offer and allows people to more about the business, company, or organization you are managing. Whether you are speaking to a client or an angel investor, you need to learn how to make others listen. It will come in handy wherever you go.

Watch this interesting TED Talk to learn more about rhetoric and how it can enable you to grab the attention of your audience: 

MAJOR NEWS: Newark is a finalist for Amazon HQ2!!

SEATTLE — Amazon said on Thursday that it had whittled the list of possible homes for its second headquarters to 20, including centers of technology like Boston and some surprise locations like Columbus, Ohio.

The full list of finalists leans toward locations in the Midwest and South and on the East Coast, and away from the tech-saturated hubs of the West Coast. It includes:


Austin, Tex.



Columbus, Ohio




Los Angeles


Montgomery County, Md.



New York

Northern Virginia



Raleigh, N.C.


Washington, D.C.

Read more about it here

    Fall Makeup


    While bright colored makeup is worn during the Summer and Spring, this is the time to tone it down. For eyeshadow you could never go wrong with a smokey eye or different shades or brown.

    The latest trend is orange eyeshadow with a nude lipgloss or a clear gloss. Some people even get matching orange lipstick for a bolder look. On a regular Fall day you’ll see most females wearing darker lipstick shades. Mainly colors like Burgundy, Brown and Red.  


The biggest pain point with managing finances for most people tends to be sticking to your budget. You may notice that some months you have no clue where your money went. In other cases, you constantly have more month than money. A huge part of the problem is the lack of control that you have over your money. In these cases your money is running you, not the other way around. Budgeting doesn’t have to be difficult and if it is for you, then the 50-20-30 rule to budgeting is for you. It requires three steps.

  • 50% for fixed expenses.
  • 20% for financial goals.
  • 30% for flexible spending.

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Many of us weren’t fortunate to go to school for free. According to Student loan Hero, the average Class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt. As the years progress, the number continues to increase. Here are some smart moves for anyone with student debt.)

  1. Get Organize.
  2. Know your options.
  3. Beware of loan forgiveness scams.
  4. Do not jump at the lowest payment.
  5. Talk to your lenders.

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Tips On Being Successful From Legendary Designer April Walker of Walker Wear

Our great  =SPACE Ambassador & Social Media Star, Chris Miss (Christina Bright), hosted a podcast with the founder of Walker Wear, April Walker. April Walker’s designs have been worn on infamous celebs such as Tupac and Biggie Smalls. She had some insightful words about success and we decided to take note of the words that most inspired us. We hope you enjoy our take on what she had to say, if you want to listen in on the podcast, click the link below!

Do you ever lose focus of your dream because of a failure?

Failure is something everybody will go through in life. Don’t be ashamed of your failures, own it. As long as you learn from it it’s no longer a failure. Don’t let the obstacles in life stop you from doing your best. There is no way around failures, so deal with it head on. A lot of the successful people today has gone through failures of their own to get where they are today. You can’t let your failures define you nor let people define them for you. 

Being confident is one step closer to being successful.  

In order for people to take you seriously you have to carry yourself with confidents more so if you’re a woman. Confidents can be as simple as having a strong handshake. Having a strong handshake will make people take you more seriously. Looking someone in the eyes and being able to speak even when its uncomfortable are signs of having confidents. Confidents is the key to getting what you want in life. 

To learn more about the conversation, listen in here:

Malimah’s Corner

Lynette Lashawn 

A Newark native who founded www.off-thehanger.com in February of 2010. She coordinated fashion shows and created fashion moments. Along with interviewing celebrities. Lynette’s boutique started off as an e- commerce but not long after that it developed into a Fashion and Decor studio that’s located Downtown Newark.

      More about Lynette and her website

    • The website (www.lynette-lashawn.com) gives tips on healthy eating
    • Offers hair care tips
    • Lynette earned several Degrees
    • She’s a Brand Ambassador, Philanthropist and Style Expert



     Anita Dickens

Anita was born in Newark, New Jersey and Graduated from West Side High School. Anita then went on to receive an Associate’s in Science from Essex County College, a BA in Science from New Jersey City University and a Masters in Public Affairs and Administration from Rutgers-Newark. In addition, she volunteered her services in the community to be apart of the local LGBT Organization.

About ANE Clothing

  • The brand caters to all Genders
  • Mainly Vintage and Classic Clothing
  • Also has accessories and home decor for sell.
  • Represents Equality, Diversity and Tolerance



Who is Marley Dias ?

1,000 Books for Black Girls was started by Marley.

Like most 11 year olds, Marley enjoys reading books. While getting lost into different books, Marley noticed that the main characters would either be white boys or dogs. What she was noticing soon led to a bigger issue. Fewer than 10 percent of children’s books released in 2015 had a black person as the main character. Last Fall Marley decided to make a change. She was on a mission. Marley’s mission was to set a goal of collecting 1,000 books about black girls. In February #1000BlackGirlBooks was created.

She is a trailblazer and was a guest editor for Elle Magazine.

Without knowing, Marley was a huge inspiration to people everywhere. One day while she was being interviewed for Elle.com, she mentioned how she wanted to edit a magazine some day. Not long after that she was invited to create a zine for their website.

She is an amazing powerhouse and ambassador for Disney.

Marley Dias announced in February of 2017 that she will be penning a book with Scholastic scheduled to launch in January of 2018. Having collected over 9,000 books, Marley has more than quadrupled her #1000BlackGirlBooks’ goals.

She is Newark’s own.

We celebrate all things Newark and the trailblazers that come out of our city, one of the youngest, and a quick rising star is Marley Dias, the founder of 1000 Books for Black Girls and she was in =SPACE for the day with GrassROOTS Community Foundation taking in all things Art & Tech.

More On GrassROOTS Community Foundation (GCF)

GrassROOTS Community Foundation (GCF) is a public health and social action organization. We invest in our community members’ collective well-being, so that they can use their health and energy to transform themselves, their families and communities. We support, develop and scale health and wellness programs for women and girls, particularly those who are impoverished. We also advocate for policies and practices that reduce disparities and foster equity.

It was a great honor to have Marley and the GrassROOTS Community Foundation in the room with us today. We are excited to see what Marley has in store for us in the near future and all the ways we can support such an amazing foundation!


Comic Book X Conversation 01 Founder, Andre Mason

Character diversity in comics books is a long-standing and overdue issue. However, it’s how many of the publishing companies have gone about creating and developing them that’s causing such controversy and backlash.

There’s a hand full of characters or color, gender, and sexual orientation is shown in a limited capacity for decades in mainstream comics. Publishers are navigating new territory by finally adding characters that are representative of today’s society. Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t seem to be catching on. Several Indie books have shown great strides in this area and the big name publishers can take a cue from them. So how can comic book companies manage diversity and representation in their characters and make it effective for readers and sales?

Our discussion will cover:

  • Legacy vs New: The common pitfalls of inclusion in comic book narratives
  • How comic book publishers can learn from certain missteps
  • Reinforce positive representation for creators and fans and how important is it for the future of comic books