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If you thought Monday’s tech discussion would be some wrinky-dink meet up you were sadly mistaken. Newark’s 1st Tech Town Hall was the place to be for a high energy and inspirational tech talk. Over 100 techies, community leaders, and citizens filed in by the minute to  hear what the future of technology was for Newark. As time drew nearer to the start of the evening, from  entrance to exit you could see countless heads peeking through any gap they could find to get an ear of the discussion.

Few attendees waiting in anticipation of the night’s discussion and activities


SPACE (Equal Space) the 3,000 square foot share-space grew packed from wall to wall in anticipation of the night’s agenda.


Honorable Mayor Ras J. Baraka delivered an energetic and upbeat Q&A discussion along with moderators Anthony Frasier and Chrishan Wright that kept the attendees intrigued. All eyes were glued to the Mayor as he began to pour out his take on the future of technology in Newark.

He also touched on the false belief that “…we need to go outside to bring people into this community [Newark]”, but supported that , “there are hundreds of people already who are doing the things we expect others to come to Newark and do.” 
Others heavyweights who offered valuable  insight were Congressman Donald Payne Jr., along with Tom Wisniewski (Executive Director, Newark Venture Partner), Jamaal O’Garro (co-founder of Code Crew), Judith Sheft (associate vice president of technology at NJIT) and Tas Peterson (founder of Tap Factory). Also present was Clayton Banks (co-founder of Silicon Harlem) who spoke of finalizing a mutual operating agreement with Equal Space and partners from Philadelphia.


Seth talking about exciting new tech savvy projects coming to Newark. Be on  the look out!


By the end of the night any uncertainty in the future of Newark was dispelled. Citizens  and techies alike left the 8 storey building feeling more inspired and ready to take on the tech world than ever. Some of the things you could hear around the each corner was was, “Wow, I didn’t know that Newark this” and “Its feels good to know that the City of Newark believes in it’s own talent.”

The night ended with exchanges of business cards and a loads of people eager to network and connect with one another. The night was an overwhelming success raising incredible awareness and attention to the potential of Newark.

At the closing of the night’s agenda, the floor grew packed with attendees eager to network and connect with one another.

Newark Makers Unite!

March 3rd , 2015

6pm – 8pm 


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Calling all Makers and Urban Entrepreneurs!! Come join us for our inaugural meetup March 2nd at Equal Space! Let’s come together, share our craft, meet new friends and potential collaborators!

We welcome guest speaker, artist, maker, teacher, Grigory Gurevich, to talk about the artistic heritage of Newark, and the challenges and opportunities facing makers today. Grigory was a teacher at the Newark School of Industrial and Fine Arts, he is also the artist commissioned to do the cast bronze piece “The Commuters” that lives in the hallway connecting Penn Station to the Light Rail. He is a jack of all trades spanning several artistic mediums.

More information about Grigory can be read here.

Looking forward to meeting everyone Monday, March 2!!

Four Finalists Chosen in the East Coast Campaign of Solve for X, a Google Initiative  

Solve for x white

Novel solutions for sustainable, ultra-low emission production of concrete and electricity, a microbe-based fertilizer alternative, a cancer research innovation and a new approach to nanofiltration are the among winning concepts to be presented at Rutgers on Feb. 2 

Four East Coast “pioneers,” who are proposing radical new solutions to several global problems have been selected as finalists in the Solve for X: New Jersey campaign, part of Google’s global Solve for X initiative.

These pioneers will present their proposals known as “moonshots” to an audience of scientists, technologists, policy makers, venture capitalists and visionaries February 2 during an event on the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. All four concepts employ breakthrough technologies that provide radical solutions to huge, global problems such as food and water shortages, harmful fertilizer runoff, pollution generated by industrial development and the intricacies of personalizing cancer treatment.

The four finalists were drawn from 24 innovators who gave presentations at recent events across the Northeast. Those 24 were chosen from an initial pool of 72 applicants. The feedback the scholars provide at the February 2 event will help these pioneers refine and accelerate progress on their solutions through commercial and noncommercial avenues.

The four Solve for X: New Jersey finalists are:

  • Lou Elwell, a South Jersey entrepreneur as well as co-founder and CEO of Bio Soil Enhancers, will describe his microbe-based fertilizer alternative called Sumagrow.  Elwell says his product remediates soil, increases crop yields, eliminates harmful chemical runoff and absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment.
  • Susan MacKay, a chemist from Maine and CEO of Cerahelix, will address her company’s efforts to “unravel the potential of nanofiltration.” Their approach uses DNA-based filters that can significantly increase the efficiency, efficacy and durability of water filtration devices.
  • Richard Riman, a distinguished professor at Rutgers and founder of Solidia Technologies® in Piscataway, will share a “Green Toolbox for Modernizing the World’s Infrastructure Sustainably.” His system will give communities in remote locations the ability to produce electricity, heat and concrete locally and sustainably via the co-utilization of carbonate-cement concrete technology and trash gasification technology.
  • Wenting Zhang, a doctoral student at Stevens Institute of Technology, will present a new platform for reconstructing patient-specific cancer models via the use of microfluidic devices.


This content is via Rutgers, to read the rest about this amazing experience Read Here.

Want to read all about Solve for X Read Here.

Mercedes Concept Car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Mercedes made clear it’s concept of where transportation and technology meet. The F 015 is the equivalent to a mobile living room boasting state of the art amenities while you travel, Mercedes is making a statement about how as we travel, of wanting to stay connected, productive, all while maintaining a sense of luxury during travel. Plus, it is pretty amazing, point blank.



“The car is growing beyond its role as a mere means of transport and will ultimately become a mobile living space.”

Head of Mercedes-Benz Dieter Zetsche.



Lean Startup Newark: Lean Into The Lean!

Shout out to Brenda Lloyd of Mireku Studios, an LSM participant, for the title!

Everyone at =SPACE and LSM Newark are still riding the high of an excellent weekend filled with awe inspiring ideas and hard work from all the participants. We send an enormous congratulations to April Peters, the lead coordinator, and co-coordinators Emily Manz and Melissa Jackson.


Participants hard at work turning ideas into action!

So awesome to see =SPACE filled from wall-to-wall with so much talent!

Get your game face on. Time to impress the judges!

Presentation Judges!

Meet the judges: Eric Hampton, Chike Uzoka, Citi Medina and Mario Casabona

Runner Up: Bosom Buddies Cookies

Great work from our the Runner-Up: Bosom Buddies Cookies

Judges and LSM Coordinators with Winners

April Peters, Melissa Jackson and the judges with LSM Newark winners, Park Here!

Paypal & the Wallet War?

You know that old saying, about there being no second acts in American Life? Don’t tell that toPayPal, whose eBay parent announced today that it’s spinning off the payments company by mid 2015.

PayPal’s new independence is at least the third act for PayPal, which was founded by tech luminaries Elon Musk, Max Levchin, and Peter Thiel in the late 1990s. PayPal first rose to prominence as the defacto standard to pay for things on the Web before secure, online credit card transactions were widespread. It was then acquired by online marketplace eBay in 2002, for whose merchants it has served as a primary financing mechanism for sales.

In freeing itself from eBay, PayPal will have the mobility it needs to face competitive challenges from the likes of Apple Pay and Alipay, the payments subsidiary of the newly public Alibaba. But it may also be able to get back to its entrepreneurial roots, and develop new lines of business not specifically tied to its former parent.

“PayPal has fallen flat in mobile [payments] and perhaps now they can focus on a competitive strategy to capture a larger part of the mobile payments market,” says Nathalie Reinelt, an analyst with Aite Group.

In recent years, PayPal has tried to tackle a growing consumer and business demand for payment options by allying itself with companies such as Home Depot, which allow customers to pay at the cash register using their PayPal accounts. PayPal has also ventured of late into business finance through its working capital loans.  Via INC

Windows 10 ? Where did 9 go?


Microsoft just announced the newest version of Windows. It’s called Windows 10. Yes, Microsoft has decided to skip a digit in search of the perfect name. More importantly, Windows 10 will be a single operating system that finally spans all of Microsoft’s Windows powered devices, from desktops and laptops all the way through to tablets and phones. “Windows 10 will be our most comprehensive platform ever,” says Windows boss Terry Myerson. Via Gizmodo



Oculus Rift

Norm goes to Oculus Connect to get a hands-on demo of the new “Crescent Bay” feature prototype of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. We interview Nate Mitchell and Palmer Luckey of Oculus VR to talk about what’s new in the headset, reveal some technical specifications, and then walk through the entire demo experience–with video from the private demo room!  Via Tested