The making of the VC Cheat Sheet

Even after stumbling over the word “positionality”–uncertain of its validity and existence in Webster’s dictionary–Melissa Jackson and her partner, Anthony Frasier, are certain that they have crafted the cheat code needed for small businesses to properly work with venture capitals. Jackson, a program manager for the black and latino tech initiative at Rutgers’ business school, and Frasier, a starter of tech businesses, met with talk show host Karen Hunter to discuss their steps towards entrepreneurial success. As the conversation begins, Jackson reveals the thesis of their conversation: cracking the code on how to raise money for early stage companies.

Jackson attributes the success of her crafted cheat sheet from simply interviewing VCs. She would listen and record the necessary information each VC would provide. Hunter, surprised by Jackson’s simplistic approach, queried the pair’s knowledge on entrepreneurs of color and their success. Frasier, then, chimed in by referencing Porter Braswell, CEO and Co-founder of Jopwell–a liaison company eager to help create a more diverse workforce. As reassurement, he cited Braswell’s credential in amassing four million dollars through VCs. Frasier concluded Braswell’s success seems foreign to other would-be entrepreneurs and startups due to their unfamiliarity in networking with VCs. Jackson, however, believes that their 10 week pre-accelerator, network and cheat sheet will lead towards success for entrepreneurs and their startups–especially those of color.    


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Calixtech News Podcast (Episode 3)

Calixtech News is your one way stop for all things tech, from new gadget & movie reviews to podcasts with innovative and technologically advanced leaders.

Check out episode 3 of Calixtech News Podcast with, technology founder of mobile dating site Cheekd, Lori Cheek and Calixtech News founder, Reginald Calixte!!

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CULTURE SPACE presents Comic Books X Conversations

July 15th, 2017
2:00pm – 4:00pm 

How to Reconcile Diversity In Comic Books for Creators and Fans

Character diversity in comics books is a long-standing and overdue issue. However, it’s how many of the publishing companies have gone about creating and developing them that’s causing such controversy and backlash.

There’s a hand full of characters or color, gender, and sexual orientation is shown a  limited capacity for decades in mainstream comics. Publishers are navigating new territory by finally adding characters that are representative of today’s society. Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t seem to be catching on. Several Indie books have shown great strides in this area and the big name publishers can take a cue from them. So how can comic book companies manage diversity and representation in their characters and make it effective for readers and sales?

Our discussion will cover:

  • Legacy vs New: The common pitfalls of inclusion in comic book narratives
  • How comic book publishers can learn from certain missteps
  • Reinforce positive representation for creators and fans and how important is it for the future of comic books


Calixtech News with our Founder Medina

CTN Podcast Episode 1 – Featuring Citi Medina Founder of Equal Space & Jhamar Youngblood Founder of Blast Chat.
Discussing Diversity in Tech, The City of Newark, And Education

June Calendar

We are committed to connecting with the community on a deeper level and building bridges for others to cross. That is the mission of this calendar, to remind everyone of the beauties and opportunities that Newark offers. Enjoy EqualSpace Monthly, give us your time and we will give you the latest and greatest in Newark SPACE(r)!

New SPACE For You

We couldn’t be happier to let you all know that we have opened a new SPACE that will show all of the hard working SPACE(r)s to the entire Newark Community, we here at = SPACE have long held the belief that citizens and the youth within our city need to see the hustle, energy, and innovation that goes on every day at our sharespace along with the programming and spirit we have after hours.




Virtual Competitions

Lots of gamers out there may know about Esports games like Call Of Duty, Halo, and Overwatch. One thing they have in common is, they aren’t in virtual reality. What if virtual reality was implemented into an event where people can compete against each other for some sort of prize? There is hope for that dream so look no further. Video game publisher CCP Games have announced their new release called Sparc.

CCP Games look to provide people the entertainment of virtual reality and the thrill of a competition, through is Vsport which is what they called it. The objective is the games is to throw projectiles at your opponent while they do the same to you and both players have to block whatever comes to them. Sparc’s expected release will be some time this year in 2017 for the Vive VR system.

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A Tiny Printed Home

The field of 3d printing is pretty outstanding. In Russia, a small home was made by a 3d printer in 24 hours thanks to Apis Cor, which is a San Francisco based startup. Other needs like installations took only took a small portion of time. This is house isn’t the like your ordinary home. Apart from it being 3d printed, it is actually quite smaller than most homes.

This compact home measures up to 400 square feet and the cost to actually make it results in around $10,000. Surprisingly, the 3d printed structure was not the majority of the cost. A chunk of the money went towards the doors and windows as stated by Apis Cor. This isn’t the only thing we will see from Apis Cor. Apparently, they will plan on making houses of all shapes and sizes in the future.

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Women-Power- Women-In-Novation: The Aftermath

What does it mean to be a successful woman in 2017? According to 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, almost 90% of women entrepreneurs expected their companies’ gross profits to increase or remain stable in the next year. More specifically, 61% expected profits to rise, compared to an average of 58% among all entrepreneurs. Are we to measure success by statistic or experiential growth? Women-In-Novation indirectly focused on this question.  =SPACE hosted Women-In-Novation to showcase the power of women. It is important for people to see women like our Keynote speaker, Nathalie Molina Niño, Founder and CEO of BRAVA investments, a multi-million dollar holding company, discuss her experience as an entrepreneur.

When women are discussed, there is a major focus on being perfect and brave. They have to walk a mile in their predecessors’ shoes instead of trying on their own. We only acknowledge a women who diverts to a different path when there is crowd. We do not walk with the woman when she is struggling with the bumps and steep curvatures that they have faced or will face in the unforeseen future. Society is a fickle beast that “goes with the flow” because it is how we humans learn to survive. However, there are women who leave society at the door, to watch their magic come to life, and it’s time that we stop waiting until we hear sounds of success to accept change. 

Women-In-Novation celebrated the women that thrives on change and challenge. We support everyone who is willing to take charge and make change. Women-in-Novation is not only about women but also about enlightening everyone and showing that powerful women are nothing to fear.