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Success at its finest

Starting a company from scratch may be hard, but knowing how to make the right decisions doesn’t have to be. Click Here.

Helpful Start Up Advice

Are you planning to create a startup company? Well, here are some helpful tips to make sure your company runs smoothly and efficiently.

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2 Rules To Pitching

Pitching a new startup idea is very hard to do. You can pitch a startup idea more smoothly and effective with these simple steps.

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10 Characteristics To Look For In New Hires

New year translates into people seeking out their dream jobs, and maybe your business offers a person exactly that. You may be the person seeking to be hired and want to know how to appear to your potential employer. This is the right place to be to get the answers you need.

Hiring the right people for your small business isn’t a nice little perk. It’s an essential part of your business since your employees the heart and soul of your business. They’re your biggest brand advocates and will responsible for the successful growth of your business. Furthermore, if you can retain great employees, you’ll save a ton of time and money since you won’t have to be concerned with a high turnover. To discover these 10 things click here and prepare for some serious note taking.

Your Going to Want to Remember This Name: The Workhorse Truck

Steve Burns has a big vision: he wants all of our mail and packages to be delivered by electric trucks with drone capabilities. As co-founder and CEO of Workhorse Group Inc., he’s well on the road to bringing his vision to life, and because of the FAA’s current “line of sight” requirement for using drones, his company could be the first actually delivering packages by air. Read More.