You shop only when there’s a discount. You opt to make dinner at home rather than eat out at your neighboring restaurant. You are a student in the art of budgeting, but you have yet to be a teacher in properly saving your money. The fact of the matter is, penny-pinching is an effective method that it is also met with limitations when considering the multitude of calculations you’ll have to do. Frankly, it’s not unheard of to exceed your budget if your only scale of measurements are merely recalling numbers in your head or occasionally checking your activity log only to find out that you spent more than intended. That’s why adding applications (no pun intended) to your economic catastrophe will have you, the struggling budgeting student become the sufficient master.

Technology, rather than creep and crawl into our lives has instead lunged and jumped at us head-first. Instead of letting our techy friend crash to the ground, we should brace for impact, spread our arms and catch it. Figurative language aside, utilizing technology, namely phone applications, will serve as our money saving partner. Wired, the renowned news article, credits apps like Mint, Acorns, and Credit Karma as just a number of credible platforms for ensuring that budgets are upheld and money is preserved. Saving money is plausible, however applying applications will ensure credit certainty and an even healthier savings.

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